How do I access this service?
  • Ask your doctor to refer you or
  • Send us a message on the “Contact page” or
  • Send an email to [email protected] or
  • Send a WhatsApp or call 064 792 4871
Will my medical aid cover the costs?

Certain, but not all medical schemes have comprehensive palliative care benefits for patients with cancer, less so for other illnesses.

Discovery, Fedhealth, Bonitas and certain schemes administered by MMI offer clear and established benefits.

For patients on other medical schemes, the first consultation is payable directly to the practice after which motivation will be sent to the scheme for possible further approval. We would encourage you to advocate for palliative care benefits – it is part of the Universal Health Care Coverage package and should be received without any financial hardship.

For more clarity, please email [email protected] to receive the billing information.

Exceptions can be made.

Is this service available outside of Stellenbosch?

Palliative care services are not available everywhere but the number of services is growing nationally. Have a look at the PALPRAC website, where other services are listed. Alternatively, email [email protected]. They might be able to direct you in the right direction.

Where can I find out more about palliative care?

You can find more info on our Palliative Care information page and our blog.

These two websites also provide more information: